About the Admins and Mods

The admins and mods aren't here to be bullies or dictators, but rather try to keep everything in line and make sure the board doesn't fall headfirst into the flaming pits of internet hell. ^__^ If you disagree with something an administrator has done then try and talk to the admin and figure out if you two can solve the problem peacefully so you both can avoid it again - in other words dont come barging in like a ninny demanding someones head just 'cause your toes got stepped on :). That way you can avoid confrontation and everyone can be happy. ALL Admins reserve the right to delete or edit what they deem fit, HOWEVER no admin is allowed to abuse their status over others.



1. Flaming

Flames, bashing, and insults are not tolerated.

2. Cursing & Sexually Explicit Material

Severe cursing, lewd material, and rude innuendo are not allowed.

3. Miscellaneous

These are additional rules that are very important, but don't fit in the other categories.