RRChaser617: The big spitz stood there, not really knowing what to do or say, lets just say romance had never been a fortay of his, and the girls, well, she was gorgeous to him. All he could do was dumbly wave goodbye.
Akira Ikaeda
: She didn't even turn around to achknowlege the wave as she stumbled into the truck.
Colleen, having apparently gotten mostly over her bad experience, let out a bark of laughter. "I didn't know you went for the older, scruffy types..." She stated teasingly."

RRChaser617: Kystal looked at him. "He isn't scruffy...
Akira Ikaeda
: "All soldiers are scruffy to some degree Krystal... It's cute," She chuckled. "Makes them look rugged... And yes, he is. He's a god damn husky, or malamute mutt, what do you expect? For him to gel down his whole body?"
She grabbed a blanket and enfolded herself in it as her face lit up in a wry smile. "You like him don't you...?"

RRChaser617: "He's fluffy!! not scruffy!!" With that, Krystal had just anwser her sister's question before she realized she even asked it and 'eeped' as she covered her muzzle as if to keep an already released truth from escaping.
Akira Ikaeda
: Colleen slapped her knee and laughed. "He's a soldier for Christ's sakes... Even fresh out of bootcamp he has to be at least 21... Think da would go for that?" Mother would... But dad... That old watchdog and his stupid rifle....
RRChaser617: Krystal blinked flushing deeply as she looked, she hadn't even thought about the age difference. "he... he, well, he's probably got other girls interested in him..."
Akira Ikaeda
: "I dunno... He looked beet red when he was talking to you... Even through his 'fluff'," Colleen teased, poking her sister slightly in the calf.
RRChaser617: *she winced and shrugged away. "I, couldn't look at him...
Akira Ikaeda
: "You never know," Colleen reclined back and lumped up against the wall. "Well... At least we both have an excuse for missing that test... I wonder how it will read... Hn." She paused, before being overtook by giggles once more. "Dear Mr. Hammond, we missed your Anatomy test because our tram was taken hostage by a giant robot."
RRChaser617: At that Krystal's eyes went wide. "My Tests!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she nearly screached, she had forgotten all about them during the entire ordeal.
Akira Ikaeda
: "Don't worry about it... You're practically guaranteed at least a runner up for valedictorian, they'll let you make it up," She stated lazily, feeling the vibration from the truck's engine lull her into a relaxed sort of daze.
RRChaser617: Krystal wasn't so sure, she was, admitedly, a little paranoid over her test scores, after all, she wanted into a good college. "I'm going to have to study all night to make sure I don't forget anything because of this...
Akira Ikaeda
: Colleen, herself, was mentally punching her own lights out, screw tests. If she hadn't been so weak, Krystal wouldn't have been in danger... Those machines, Gundams... She had seen them before, just... Never up close. They had long fascinated her, and should have, as they were a marvel of man's ingenuiety in face of impending danger... They were made to protect and defend, but ultimately became another integral cog in a massive war machine.
Come to think of it... After high school, what was she going to do with her life? She was to graduate in a little over a month. And though she made good grades, about a notch below Krystal's, she hadn't been quite sure about college... It just didn't sit right with her. "You know... Those uniforms are kinda cute..." She murmured.

RRChaser617: Krystal blinked and was about to anwser when her eyes went wide. "OH NO!!! my books!!! my notes!!! they were all on my reader!!!!" This was getting close to 'spazzing out' for the younger collie as she whined. "Great, no notes, no study... "she didn't realize she said this last part. "no fluffy puppy..."
Akira Ikaeda
: "Oh god... My sister is going insane on me," She sighed, slapping a hand against her forehead until she caught the last part. "Phhhbbt.... Fluffy... Puppy...?"
RRChaser617: *Krystal blinked, she hadn't realized she had said anything out loud. "wh...what?
Akira Ikaeda
: "You were talking about him huh?" She chuckled, one of her canines extending out of her lips in a playful grin.
RRChaser617: Krystal tried to play it off, completely un-successful. "I... I don't know what you're talking about...
Akira Ikaeda
: "Whatever... You're gaga already, feh," She stated, her lids slowly falling slosed as she brought the scratchy blanket up to her chin.
RRChaser617: Krystal flushed horribly "I'm... I'm, well" she sighed, and gave up. "all right, I am, so I called him fluffy puppy, so I'm interested...
Akira Ikaeda
: "You saw him just today you little weirdo..." She muttered tiredly, mulling more over the machines that had saved their lives more than her sister's current romantic circumstances.
RRChaser617: Krystal looked. "You've never heard of love at first sight?" her sister knew this was far from the normal for her sister, who read sappy novels where the knight wooed and courted the princess for along time before finally marrying her and living happily ever after.
Akira Ikaeda
: ".... For you, I guess it's plausible dearheart," She said, imitating their mother's thick Scottish accent.
RRChaser617: Krystal looked up. "I wonder if there is a way I can get in contact with him," she had a thought of her in a wedding dress and Mr. McLoude dashing in a dress uniform, my that was a nice thought, if one that might not happen...
Akira Ikaeda
: Colleen sighed and gave one last, bemused smile as she fell asleep... Wondering if bootcamp was really all that bad...
RRChaser617: And Krystal fell asleep part of her worried over her test, the other part wondering what Mr. McLoude's fur really felt like. She may have been intelligent, and, well, self relient for most things, but she had truely fallen for the tall, broad shouldered spitz.
Akira Ikaeda
: About three weeks afterward, and a lot of fussing over by their parents, the two sisters found themselves walking side by side along a busy sidewalk downtown. "... Haven't seen him at all since then huh...?" Colleen murmured, noting her sister's constant look of detachedment.
RRChaser617: Krystal sighed nad nodded her head. "no, I haven't..." not even passing all her huge tests with flying colors had been able to lift the younger sister's spirits.
Akira Ikaeda
: "If it helps, I might run into him soon..." Colleen said loosely, elbowing her sister in the shoulder.
RRChaser617: Krystal looked. "Great... just don't steal him...." Colleen could tell she was blue over the whole affair, that was something her little sister would not normally think of, and not her usual comment when she talked about the military.
Akira Ikaeda
: "Well, I've actually signed up to take a few tests... And since my grades are about good enough... With a buttload of studying, I could get into a good Military academy," She said, smiling slightly, trying to cheer her up. "Don't tell mum or da yet...You know how they are..." She tried to skip over the subject of the big soldier... Men were something that one should never get hung over.
RRChaser617: Krystal sighed and nodded, remembering how she had blabbed about Mr. McLoude, hoping to see him again soon, da hadn't been too happy, mama had actually been a little hopeful, Krystal was just glad da hadn't given her an 'I told you so' yet. "I understand, beleive me, I understand."
Akira Ikaeda
: She laced an arm around her sister's shoulders, and, being slightly taller, had to tilt her head down a little to give her comforting nuzzle. "Don't worry about Scruffy... He's stationed in this town for a good long time... All the soldiers here are."
RRChaser617: Krystal nodded. "Yeah, which means all the ditzs that want to get laid by soilders will have their chance at him...
Akira Ikaeda
: Colleen balked slightly. "Now don't you think that's something rather crude to come out of your mouth...?" She exclaimed, touching her fingers to her cheeks for emphasis.
"Nah, it's a well known fact that we soldiers are irresistible," Came a playful, gravelly voice from in front of them.
Colleen turned... And had to admit she was glad she did. The man before them was about the most attractive she had ever seen in her life... His build was all sinew and well-toned muscle, if those biceps were any indicator, and, compared to Krystal's dashing soldier, was a good few inches beneath him. Not that that was a bad thing... Who wanted to have to use a step stool to give a man a hug? His fure was a pristine black, marked with rusty tan along his muzzle and neck... In fact, she could have sworn he was a doberman, if it wasn't for a pair of striking, sea-green eyes.
"See? Already got ya speechless, He chuckled, crossing his arms over his chest.
An errant thought crossed the collie's mind as he laughed. '... What a strange accent.'

RRChaser617: (gah, time late, Krystie kill me when she finds out, Night Jags! I'm liking this RP a lot!)
Akira Ikaeda
: [Night.]
RRChaser617 signed off at 3:19:43 AM.